Summer Fest - June 29, 2019 9am-4pm

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Watercolor Painting

Andy Smith


Andy Smith is a self-taught artist. What he lacks in formal training he has made up in self studying the works of the masters, reading voraciously and keeping current in the "Art World". He has an in-born talent, fine tuned by practice, discipline and dedication. His reward for all his hard work is the ability to paint and sell his watercolors full-time.

Redware Pottery


A family tradition for nearly 80 years combined, they have produced top  of the line Pennsylvania German Redware from traditional reproductions to their own designs.  They create pieces ranging from handmade figurines to sliptrailed and sgraffitoed plates, vessels and slab built works of art. They constantly strive for perfection on every piece from their special orders to their one of a kind museum quality pieces.

Metal Art


Recycled metal art sculptures and wall hangings.



Dennis has had a deep respect and love of nature since childhood. His uncle taught him the art of fly fishing as a teenager, learning to develop his own flies. The peace and solitude of being in the woods and by the streams he experienced when fishing deepened his appreciation for all things natural.

As a public educator Dennis was able to do carpentry work with a fellow school teacher during the summers, evenings, and weekends. He acquired many woodworking skills over the years and became adept at using many different tools of the trade. During the winter months, they worked in the shop to build early American reproductions as well as cabinetry work. Upon retirement from teaching in 2007, Dennis purchased a wood lathe to pursue wood turning as a hobby. This was a natural fit and before too long he was producing beautiful bowls and other items. The wood Dennis turns is local from his property or from the land of friends and neighbors in Pennsylvania. All of the wood used is either naturally fallen or was removed by tree services. No trees were cut down specifically for making bowls. He specializes in natural edge crotchwood bowls. The bowls he makes are all unique and are determined by the wood itself, often changing during the process to fit the characteristics found inside the log. He also turns traditional bowls as well as a variety of Christmas items.


PA Traditional Folk Art Carvings


Gary Rosborough has been following in the tradition of those who have gone on before him by creating hand carved sculptures of birds, pigs, cats, dogs and much more. His designs have their foundations in Pennsylvania’s past carving masters and their contemporaries. You will find bird trees and other whimsical creations that are from his imagination with historical references from the past. The appeal of his folk art is in the indescribable features of the uniqueness, authenticity and techniques that are handed down from generations of those who have gone on before.

Fabric Artist

Earth Tone Crafts & Weaving


Beautiful hand woven items, gourd art, knitted & crochet items, shawls, poncho's and wraps.




Specializing in cnc machining and fabrication, they work with wood, metal, plastics, and composites.


Raw Healing


About two years ago, Gabbi began making jewelry out of crystals as a hobby, mostly making them for family and friends. A year ago she decided to share her creations with the world. She had learned how important it was to be love and to spread kindness and crystals have helped her do this. She realized that not many people knew the importance of being mindful and to simply be kind to others so she decided to try to spread this to all of her costumers. Each purchase comes with a free handmade recycled newspaper bag along with information on all of the stones you have purchased. All of her skin care/beauty products are all natural,organic, and vegan! Her companies soul mission is to be the love she wishes to see in the world!

Food Court



Northeast & Central Pennsylvania quality farm to table wine located in Berwick. They believe to make great wine they must take an equal responsibility for the lands they steward, as well as the community. They feel that producing wine and raising a glass is a cultural ritual that fosters friendship, joins the arts, brings families together, and unites communities.



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